Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Benjamin Bloom with collaboration from Max Englehart, Edward Furst, Walter Hill, and David Krathwohl was the first to propose a framework for quantifying learning. This is now called Bloom’s Taxonomy, and is applied at all levels of education.

The original points were revisited in the 21st century and redefined slightly. We use this framework to strive to create teaching units that reach beyond the average learning experience.

The six levels for 21st Century learning (from basic to complex) are:

  1. Remembering
  2. Understanding
  3. Applying
  4. Analyzing
  5. Evaluating
  6. Creating


Click HERE to use Interactive Bloom’s Taxonomy Slides

OR learn from Youtube.

Below, Kathy Schrock visualizes how SAMR and Blooms interact.


Concept drawing how SAMR and Bloom’s mesh.



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