Digital Citizenship


Digital Citizenship involves staying safe online. We all need a little coaching to differentiate “personal” information from “private” information. What is ok to share publicly and what should remain secret?

Teaching children and adults what and when to share as well as reacting to what others share is ongoing as we mature in our attitudes.

“If [this was pre-internet], would I be willing to pull out an ad in the newspaper, be interviewed on a large radio show, or appear on national TV for my view on this topic?” If the answer is no for then, then you probably shouldn’t post it on the internet today (Partridge, n.d.).

Teaching children to be respectful of each other’s feelings is always a challenge; even more so in the internet age.


Staying Safe Online

Common Sense Media – Cyberbullying, e-Rate, CIPA and filtering access

COPPA – Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act


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