The Brotherband by John Flanagan

We are enjoying John Flanagan as an author and using the interviews on YouTube to get acquainted with this author’s motivation in writing for teens.

Our library already has the complete set of the Ranger’s Apprentice and we thought another series by this author might be of interest to our readers. Bullseye.

We now have the complete set of The Brotherband books.

Here he explains the difference between Viking and Skandian.

Follow-on videos have him talking about his series.

Long ago and far away, it seems that his own son was discouraged because of his unimpressive stature. Dad to the rescue – to write stories for his son about smaller boys being successful. One of his stories got out to a larger audience and the rest is history.

Of course at this point, he has fans.

See above his Grijze Jager Dag appearance.

Popular on audiobook and ebook as well. Enjoy the adventure!


What if your superpower is drawing really big pictures? You might end up being part of an exhibit just as Ron Kaskuk of Athens, Illinois, demonstrates here.

Mr. Kaskuk is a professional graffiti artist adept at covering large spaces.


Tap “Watch on Facebook” to see this incredibly fun–and short–video 🙂

Mild Hobby turned Wild

What started off as a mild hobby, continues to get more entertaining as the stay-at-home orders persist.

Apparently Heidi was in the habit of posting her creations and clients’ finished hair from her salon Instagram account. Once the salon was forced to close, she continued her stream with the only model she had.


Predictably it gets pretty wild and lots of fun. Feel free to follow Heidi!


Hair is fascinating — not a vital living organ, but something we take great pains to get just right.

It’s fun to see someone following that “wild” hair.