Temple Grandin on Fear in Horses – The Horse

I ran across this video a while back and it impressed me as being full of wisdom. If you are a horse person, you will nod in agreement, and yet learn some new things as well. Enjoy! https://thehorse.com/156463/dr-temple-grandin-on-fear-in-horses/ Dr. Temple Grandin, a professor of animal science at Colorado State University, talks about how horses experience … Continue reading Temple Grandin on Fear in Horses – The Horse

Moving Forward

Ybarra, Khan Academy founder discuss online learning strategies Originally posted on IdahoEdNews.org on May 6, 2020 Schools chief Sherri Ybarra discussed distance learning strategies with Sal Khan and other education and technology officials Wednesday. Ybarra didn’t take any action or mandate Idaho school officials follow any particular programs or examples. But she did say it … Continue reading Moving Forward