Library Book with Broken Spine

If I kept looking, I knew I would find one of these “over-size” (coffee table) books with problems. At last, I found a lovely book about origami that has sadly taken leave of its spine.

A small search revealed that I needed single stitch binder tape. What is that?

First, a video of how this might pan out. (It’s scary starting out with more destruction required).

I love the above video and the evident care taken to repair the book (by Sonoma County Book Repair Series). For a shorter demo of a similar repair, see below (by Demco).

And yes, it seems like the initial step is to commit to putting the book under the knife. But first, I have to order some single-stitch bookbinder tape.

These pages are clearly in trouble. They’re stitched. They’ve separated. They need help. #IdahoArtEducationAssociation

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